re-design and SEO work hjemmeside re-design og Søgemaskineoptimering

Client request

Our client wanted to update their current website and improve their performance on Google so their clients can find them better.

Our solution

This client wanted to continue using WordPress Divi page builder because they knew how to use it. We have coded their new design so it’s ready to edit using Divi builder.  We have optimized this hjemmeside for search engines. And additionally created a Google Ads paid campaign for a desired budget.


Due to bad SEO work and website development mistakes by the former site designer the site wasn’t getting any hits on search results at all. This means that in the first months after our work as done the visitors vent from 0 to average of 1700 visitors per month!

Knowing the Google Ads pricing for their potential client visits, this improvement saves them more than 13.000 kr a month if they wanted to reach the same audience using paid Google Ads.


We received a good feedback from company’s clients. Making the site easier to use. We are also extremely happy with the statistics of new visitors and how many visitors stay on the page. Optimizing page SEO is a long proccess and we still see expontial increase in google search visits.

Hjemmeside re-design


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